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UTV and ATV Plows

Unsure which plow is right for you?

Follow the Plow System Builder to find the plow that’s best for your needs.

Plow System Builder

Getting the right plow for your vehicle is now easier then ever with this plow system builder.

  • ATV Plow Push Tube

    Step Two: Push Tube

    Add the ATV/UTV Push Tube for attaching the Plow Blade to the Push Tube.

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  • ATV Plow Mount

    Step Three: Mount

    Choose your model specific Quick Mount Bracket. The Bracket will attach the Push Tube with Swivel Mount to your machine. Each is made from high-grade American Steel for an absolute rock-solid mounting option you can count on no matter how thick and heavy the snow is.

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  • ATV Plow Lift System

    Step Four: Lift System

    Pick your Blade Lift System whether it’s a manual lift system or a winch, Open trail and our partners at Western Power Sports have you covered and has a complete line up of UTV and ATV winches including cable options as well as a synthetic rope option.

    Plow Builder

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